Friday, August 27, 2010


A wordle created by Samantha Deardorff from the text of instructions for Project 1 of EDM 310 in the fall 2010 semester.

About Me

Hey EDM310 class! My name is Samantha Deardorff and I'm a junior at the University of South Alabama. I was born in Missouri and have moved a total of four times in my life. I have one sister and I'm close with both of my parents. I chose to major in Elementary Education because I want be a mentor and teacher to young children like my teachers were for me. Right now I am employed at Pump It Up. Every time I go in for a shift, I'm exposed to the diversity in children. I love working with kids, they make me smile and I hope to be a mentor for them when I have my own class. It's my dream to move back to Michigan, where I attended elementary school, and teach. The school systems in Michigan are very advanced and I would love to spend the rest of my life there teaching.