Sunday, December 5, 2010

C4K Summary Post

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The first blog I commented on was Linda's blog. Her post was about Halloween and what she was going to dress up as. She added a picture on the post of what she thought she looked liked in her devil costume. In my comment I asked her if she went trick or treating.
Read her post here!

The second blog I commented on was Yasmine's blog. The post that I commented on was titled, Rabbit. It was about how her and her friend got a rabbit and named it Snowball. She said she wanted to try and train it to jump on command. She was excited about it, it was awesome to see her be so enthusiastic.
Read her post here!

The third blog that I commented on was Amy's Blog. Amy is in the second grade and her post was about her three month old kitten, Marragold. She said that the other kittens in the litter died, but Marragold survived. She says that the kitten gets lots of special attention.
Read her blog here!

Project #16

Final PLN Report

Throughout the semester I have used my Symbaloo page. I have added some more links to my page such as Craigslist, Flicker, and my banking website. This website is so beneficial to anyone who uses it, in my opinion. I also added Google Scholar and Wiki Answers. Also, I have a phone that is able to go on to the internet and using this website on my phone makes it easy for me to check weather, my bank account, email, etc.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Summary Post C4T #4

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My fourth teacher for C4T was Michael Kaechele. He is a middle school technology teacher from Michigan. All of his posts are interesting. In many of his posts, he uses videos. The first post that I read was titled, 'Passion'. The article said that passion was an important aspect to everything we do in life, especially with teaching. He states at the end of the blog post that we must expose children in our classrooms to every learning experience and opportunity possible.

The second article was titled, 'Why I (often) don't sing in church.' This post started off with the metaphor that singing and the songs in church can be a time for reflection in your life. It's important to reflect on things that occur in your life, it relieves stress and allows one to be more at peace with the things in life. It's important as a teacher to meditate and reflect so that they can be less stressed in the classroom.