Monday, September 13, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

The search engines Google Squared and WolframAlpha are both great tools to use in the classroom.

a. When I practiced searching in Google Squared, I found that it was very useful. Unlike, Google squared lets the student find information about a topic on one page and all together. If you were doing a search on the planets, you could find anything you wanted about it on one page. You could also add a topic and instantly receive the answer to that topic.

b. WolframAlpha is also very useful. When you search for something on this search engine, you will find a picture or a map to go along with it as well as a plethora of information. Unlike Google Squared, the information goes down the page instead of using a table.

c & d. I had not heard of either of these search engines before this class.

e. Once I read the comment on my Did You Know assignment, I realized that I was in some way like Mr. Winkle. I have used computers since I've been in elementary school, but technology has advanced so much since then and all of the new technology today is very overwhelming to me.

f. This exercise has showed me that there is so much out there that I have not even come across. I didn't even know that these two very helpful search engines existed and if I did, projects that I have done in the past would have been much easier. I've learned that I react very surprised with the statistics about technology. I do not know as much as I thought it did when it comes to technology in our society today.

Food For Thought: I enjoyed the article Food For Thought, it is a crazy that the six year old, illiterate boy could work an iPad with no instruction.

Pitcairn Islands Map

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