Monday, September 13, 2010

Blog Post # 4

1.) Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff, Please? By: Scott McLeod

When I first read this post by Dr. McLeod, I thought how can you think technology is not important? It's the essence of our future. I then realized that was exactly the point of his blog. He took a sarcastic approach to his post, making it more effective and thought provoking. I really enjoyed his approach and I agreed with the argument he was making. In researching Dr. McLeod, I found out that he is the co-creator of the video, "Did you know?", a video we watched for a previous blog assignment.

2.) The iSchool Initative

This video was about an idea created by a seventeen year old high school student. He created a concept called the iSchool, the idea that school could be completed in it's entirety on an Apple iTouch. There are already a multitude of apps on the iTouch that could be used for the iSchool and with modifications, more apps could be added that could make the iSchool possible for students everywhere.

I don't know what to think about this idea. It would reduce waste in our environment, I agree with that, but I'm not sure about the efficiency of the iSchool. I think the iSchool would be better if it was integrated into regular schools gradually. A classroom could still meet and do tests and things in the classroom, but gradually the iSchool would be introduced for homework assignments and a way for parents, teachers, and students to communicate.

3.) Lost Generation

I really enjoyed this video. The information that was given is a reality for my generation if things do not change in our society. At the end, they reversed the situation given as if things were changed now. I believe that we will celebrate the anniversary's of our divorce, will care more about our careers than our kids, and we will be lethargic and lazy. That is, if our society continues to progress towards this. We must work to change the standards for what people think we will become in the future.

4.) Ed Whitaker's Virtual Choir

This video was very soothing. I enjoyed it very much. As I watched it, it seemed like it was just a video of a choir and a combination of pictures of different people, but after reading Jennifer's post, I realized that these people had never met, their videos were combined. That is a hard concept for me to grasp. It seems as though the internet has become a tool for everything and anything in our society. The fact that it is possible for so many different people, who have never met, to come together and create a beautiful song just shows that the internet is used for everything in today's society.


  1. Hey Samantha!

    I agree with your thoughts about the iSchool initiative. I believe that it could be a great supplement to the classroom, but doing away with the classroom completely? I just don't know about that. As I was watching the video, my thoughts were on the children in special education classes. Those students really need the extra help and I beleive that it would be unfair to them because it would ultimately put them even further behind.

  2. Samantha,

    Your point ... He took a sarcastic approach to his post, making it more effective and thought provoking ... highlights the fact that we as educators need to use everything at our disposal to make learning more effective. Sometimes it takes a different view point to grab students' attention.