Monday, September 20, 2010

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The first podcast that I listened to was the third grade class, Eagles' Nest Radio. I really enjoyed listening to these podcasts. I believe that the students are benefiting from this new way of presenting information. I have never seen a classroom blog where they use podcasts as a way of learning. Allowing students to use podcasts in the classroom gives them the opportunity to use technology and be familiar with its advantages at a young age.

I then read the information written by Judy Scharf on how to make a successful podcast. The information was helpful to me and I will use some of her advice when doing my podcast. In her blog she gave tips for success, examples of podcasts from youtube, and information about podcasts in general.

The next page was I looked up was the Practical Principal's podcast, written by Melinda Miller and Scott Elias. Scott lives in Colorado and Melinda lives in Missouri. This shows how people from different parts of the country can connect and record a podcast. In their podcast, they share how their day goes as a principal and the experiences that they have at their schools.

Listening to these podcasts was helpful in learning how to make my podcast better. I learned that podcasts are beneficial for almost everyone. I really loved the idea of using a podcast in the classroom. I will definitely think about using a podcast in my classroom as a way for my students to connect with one another and keep up with what we are doing in the class.


  1. These podcasts WERE quite helpful. They all were great examples of how our voices should sound to engage our listeners. And I agree with the idea of having a podcast in my own classroom. It sounds fun. It would hopefully encourage my students to show their creative side like these students did.

  2. I hope you do use podcasts in your classroom. Like you said podcasting offers students opportunities to learn about technology they will use for the rest of their lives. They will also learn other important skills like team work, new ways of finding information, different ways of presenting information, etc.

    Your blog is looking good. Be sure to proof read before posting. SS