Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Post #6

1. The Networked Student
I really enjoyed watching this video. The ideas are similar to those that we use in EDM 310. This video is a reminder of how technology is affecting our schooling and the way that teachers teach. Our society is becoming technologically advanced and one day there may not be a need for teachers because of all of the new ways to connect with other students and professors simply through a computer.

As far as my career as a teacher, I am willing and almost obligated to become advanced in the use of technology in my classroom. It is essential that I am kept up on everything new that is happening in our society. I must be able to teach my students these things as a way of keeping them informed and advanced in technology as well.

2. A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment

This 7th grader's video was very eye-opening. It shows that students in middle schools are becoming very technologically advanced. There was no possible way that when I was 7th grade, any of what she was explaining was possible. Her PLE was very informational and I admired all of the work that she had put into it. Her video could be used a intro to PLE's or PLN's for other students in schools.

3. The Machine is Changing Us
This video was so full of information about the changing world of technology. I really enjoyed watching Dr. Wesch's lecture on technology and how it is affecting us. He states that websites such as Youtube, have their own online communities. Technology is advancing everyday, every minute, every second. In my college experience, in almost every class, the internet and technology was used. For example, in EDM 310, we are required to have our own youtube channel. This relates to the ideas that Dr. Wesch stated in his lecture about youtube. I liked a quote that was used 40 years ago, "We live in the world of an instant replay. Events are not only recorded, but replayed." This is so true. We can go onto youtube to find a video of anything that we could think of replay it. In my future career, I will definitely use youtube and technology in my classroom. Whether it's finding a documentary or posting classroom podcasts on youtube, I will use it and it will be beneficial to my class.


  1. Samantha,

    In response to The Networked Student, I think as future teachers we are completely obligated to become advanced in technology for our classroom. Our students will need to know how to use the current technology in their futures. It's part of our job to teach them how to be technologically literate along with all the traditional academics we will teach.
    I think it's great that you want to use podcasts one day in your classroom and that you see the benefits and advantages of using them. I think a lot of the future teachers of our generation are on the same page and see the possible advantages of using such technology in the classroom. Could it be because we grew up with those technologies and are familiar/comfortable with them? I think it's only natural for our generation to want modern technology to play a decently-sized role in today's classroom.

  2. Samantha,
    I enjoyed reading your blog.I have to agree that we all have to keep up with the technology.I want to be a teacher that is advanced in the new developments of the computer.We learn something new everyday that can be used for our future students.I love it.. I also like the video of the seven grader PLE.It really gave a lot of information on how students learn and do assignments just by the computer.Wow, I could not even imagine doing that when I was in seven grade.! But it is great that now, students know more.

  3. Hi Samantha,

    A comment you made in your Networked Student response initially sent up a red flag for me. You said, "Our society is becoming technologically advanced and one day there may not be a need for teachers because of all of the new ways to connect..."

    I believe that teachers are not becoming obsolete, but their methods of teaching are. After rereading your paragraph, I noticed that you addressed my concern when you stated, "This video is a reminder of how technology is affecting our schooling and the way that teachers teach." You are absolutely right! Technology (or the lack there of) is effecting our school systems because it is making the memorized collection of specific knowledge less important than our ability to locate that knowledge quickly. What I mean to say is this; teachers are now responsible for exposing kids to the "mysteries of the world" and guide them in their pursuit of knowledge. We are no longer the sole source of information for our students. We must now provide direction, tools, and motivation.

    I am glad that you are excited to use these tools in your classroom, but now I want to know how! What interests you? How will you get your students to be interested as well? What will they produce with these tools? How can you make what you've seen better? How will your students' productions affect your community?

    Good work,