Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog Post # 8

Dr. Miller Discusses Writing With Multimedia

This video talked about the changing world of technology. He states that writing by hand is becoming less and less used and the use of computers is becoming the norm. He states in the first video that when writing up an article, he never had to use the library or the a book. He was able to find everything online and was able to write up the article on Google Docs. The paper is available online for anyone to see at any time and it was written, published, and shared all at the same time on the same computer.

In my experience, I have always been able to have access to computers and technology. I was always required to take a computer course to become more prepared in the technology field. I still remember in first grade, using the JumpStart computer program. I feel that with my preparation in school with computers, I could catch on fast to the extensive use of technology and multimedia in the classroom today.

I believe that students will be able to keep up and will be able to use multimedia. Children today are becoming more technologically advanced younger and younger. For example, I know of a six year old who has a facebook and runs it without help of her parents. This is crazy to think. When I become a teacher in a few years, students will be able to catch onto multimedia easily in my opinion.

The Chipper Series and EDM310 For Dummies
Chipper was all about procrastination, much like a lot of others. She wanted a way to be taught and not have to learn on her own. By being hand fed everything in her class, she wouldn't have to go out of her way to learn on her own. This video relates to how I feel about EDM310. Sometimes I get so frustrated with having all of this work and not having a professor constantly helping me with the work. I have realized though that by doing all of the work in EDM310 by myself, I have learned a lot.

EDM310 for Dummies was a great video made by Jamie Lynn. The video says that with the help of others, you can achieve anything. The message of this video is a good one. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help and work with others to finish tasks. Once you get past the basics in the networking, technology world, you can do things a lot easier.

Smartboard Arguements
I really like Smartboards. In the classroom that I'm in observing in right now in EDF 315, my teacher actively uses the Smartboard. The children love when she uses it for lessons. They are able to interact and use the Smartboard during her lectures. The two articles we were assigned to read weren't in favor of the Smartboard. They believe it is too expensive and more of a 'cop-out', rather than a good investment for the classroom. I found a website that agrees with the use of Smartboards in the classroom. Here is the URL: On this website, teachers are able to share their ideas and tricks that they use with the Smartboard. There are always two sides of everything, but as of right now, the majority of teachers love the Smartboard.


  1. In response to your summary of the smart board posts, I agree that smart boards are not a great tech tool. What can be done on a IWB (smart board) that can't be done without one?

    A real problem with using IWB's in upper grade levels (say 3 grade and up) is the fact that the board lends itself to the teacher doing more direct instruction. I hope that you are realizing by now that many educators, including me, see direct instruction as much less valuable to learning that student discovery.

  2. This is really a good post. I didn't really understand the video about Multimedia Writing, but your comments were very clear about the video. I also agree that smartboards should be used in the classroom. The class I am observing, the teacher uses her smartboard. The kids absolutely love it. It keeps them involved in the lecture and they do not get bored.

  3. Samantha,

    I definitely agree that writing by hand has decreased; however, I do still enjoy journaling and writing by hand. While I think computers are extremely useful, and I absolutely love using them, I cannot allow them to replace my writing and books. The use of computers definitely makes collaborating and sharing much easier. I also think that as students who have been forced to use computers we can catch on with technology faster. I also believe that are students will be far more advanced than we are, and we must be ready to teach them.

    I'm also glad that you enjoyed the videos I made. I strongly believe that we learn more by actually doing it ourselves and figuring things out on our own. I love the idea of collaborating with others and by helping others, we actually learn more. We should also be willing to ask questions and learn more and more.