Monday, November 29, 2010

Additional Assignment #5

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Adventures in Pencil Integration:

John Spencer's blog posts are very entertaining and informational to read. I'm glad that we had been assigned to read these posts. John's posts are about personal experiences and also his opinions. He uses the metaphor of pencils to represent technology. After reading these four posts, I learned that they are all about different experiences. Through reading these posts, I also learned that Spencer is able to see the importance of change in technology and how it relates to the classroom. In the post, "Sketchy Portraits: 8th Graders Identity and Pencils", Spencer shares a conversation with another teacher. He is explaining to her that the age of the students has everything to do with their reactions and emotions and that he in a sense is shaping who they become. I believe this is true. A first grader is going to act over-exciting and sometimes out of line because that's their age. I believe whatever grade I end up teaching, I must take age into consideration in teaching methods and the way I treat my students.

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