Thursday, November 11, 2010

Project #6- Form Results, Analysis, and Commentary

On my questionnaire, 19 people responded.
1.) Over half answered Junior.
2.)Over half answered off campus.
3.)Over half answered choice of majors.
4.)Over half said South Alabama was not their first choice college.
5.)Over half were accepted to other colleges.
6.)Everyone had selected a major.
7.)Over half said teacher/student interaction was important.
8.)Over half said school athletics were important.
9.)Over half said we are paying too many fees.
10.)Over half said South was what they believed it would be.

From the responses that I received, I learned that South Alabama is a university that was not the first choice school for most, where they are paying too many fees and many live off campus. The majority of students were juniors, most likely because EDM is a 300 level class. School athletics were important to most and I think that the football team was a great addition to our school, except for the fees that we had to pay to get it back. Being able to interact with teachers is important too. Having the access to interact with Dr. Strange and the lab assistants is another great aspect about this class. I wish that more classes were like EDM310.

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