Monday, November 1, 2010

Summary C4K #3-7,r:2,s:0

C4K #3:

I was assigned to a student named Cyrus. I commented on a reflection post of his to a story-telling assembly that they had earlier in the week. In the post, Cyrus was filmed doing two reaction videos. In his videos, he shared his favorite character and was very animated as to explain the story a bit. I loved the way that the teacher set up this class blog, using videos is a great approach. I hope to one day use the same technology in my classroom.

C4K #4:

For this comment, I was assigned to a student in New Zealand, named Sophie. Her posts are always interesting to read and the one that I commented on was a summary of her father's day. She shared with us that for father's day, they had a nice breakfast at home before driving to the beach for the day. Her grammar and spelling were almost perfect, only a few mistakes. I loved her enthusiasm and the way that spending the day with her family made her so happy. It's really good to see children happy like that.

C4K #5:

For this assignment, I was assigned to comment on Dane's blog, a 7th grade boy. The post that I chose to comment on was a post about his reactions to friendship. He stated in the post that their class had learned about friendship values. Dane said that he would rather have one friend that really cared about him, rather than a lot of friends just to be popular and who may not care about him. I liked reading his post, it was so sweet and insightful.

C4K #6:

The student that I was originally assigned had not posted any active blogs, so I decided to comment on Abby N's blog, the first student on the class list. I commented on a story that she had written herself about a tornado. She used very descriptive words and it actually kept my interest. I really enjoyed reading the story and was excited to see that students were putting their work on their blogs.

C4K #7:

I was assigned to a student named Jazmin. She is a student at Leopold Primary School. The blog that I commented on was a reaction post to her experience at 'Activity night.' She stated that there was a magic show and a pizza party and those things made her very happy. It's neat to see the things that other schools are doing for activities outside of normal school hours. I think they are essential for the growth of the classroom and schools.

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