Monday, November 1, 2010

Summary Response- C4T #3,r:6,s:0

For my comments for teachers, I was assigned to Matthew Needleman. Matthew's blog reflects the issue of using multi-media in the classroom. Many of his posts are how to use it effectively and how to break the 'digital divide' as he states it. The first blog post that I commented on was entitled, "Six Ways Teachers Can Improve Education This Year." Although, I won't be a teacher for another 2 years, I really want to use the tips that Matthew layed out in his post. One of my favorite tips was the first one, "Say Hello At the Door." In this part of the blog, he shares that saying hello and goodbye to your students is essential for them to feel a belonging in your classroom. In my classroom experience, my fifth grade teacher used to use a method called, 'Hug, Handshake, or Highfive.' At the beginning and end of each school day, she was stand by the door and allow us to choose one of the three interactions. It always made us feel special and that we were liked by her.

The next post that I commented on was a post entitled, "The Right Ways to Show Movies in Class." I was intriqued by this title for I didn't know that there were multiple ways to show a movie in class. Isn't there just one? You turn and the television and hit play? Not according to Matthew. Matthew believes in nine tips that have shown to be affective ways to show a movie in class. An example of those tips include, showing movies other days of the week besides fridays and not putting down the remote control. There should always be a follow-up to the movie, such as a KWL chart. To reduce noise while the movie is playing, Matthew states that you should have the students raise their hands if they recognize something in the movie, instead of shouting it out. Also, he says that by having them right down important facts that they are hear, leads to them paying better attention.

Overall, I really loved Matthew's blog. I plan on bookmarking it and going back to check on his new posts as I continue my education and even when I'm in my own classroom.

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  1. Thank you for visiting and for your thoughtful comments. Good luck in your teaching career.